Complete Reverse Engineering Solution of an Aircraft Glove Compartment

NeoMetrix, INTAMSYS official reseller, is an expert in 3D technologies and is much solution-oriented. See how 3D solutions work together collectively to produce parts for aerospace and many other industries! In this project, a final part to replace a compartment on the dashboard of an aircraft was printed on the FUNMAT HT.


Nexair Avionics upgrades instrument panels for existing aircraft to incorporate the latest in digital instrumentation.  In the process of upgrading, existing parts, not related to instrumentation, may need to be updated or replaced.  In the case of this project, a new glove box was required for a Cirrus SR22 aircraft.  Unfortunately, this part was no longer available from the manufacturer.




Traditionally, the original part would be removed, and then painstakingly reverse-engineered by hand using tools such as calipers to take measurements and manually enter them into a CAD program to create a 3D model. 

Anyone in the aerospace industry understands that aircraft parts in particular are very difficult to measure by hand due to the complex geometry… even on something as “simple” as a glove box. This leads to a high potential for errors in the initial redesign which results in multiple iterations in order to get a final part that fits properly.



NeoMetrix uses state-of-the-art 3D scanning technology, such as the Creaform Handy SCAN Black Elite to rapidly capture the shape of existing parts such as the aircraft glove box.  The raw data, which is accurate to .001″ on a part of this size, is automatically converted to an STL file.  The STL is then transferred to Geomagic Design X for processing into a highly accurate 3D CAD model.  Design X offers tools such as the Accuracy Analyzer, which allows the operator to constantly compare his CAD work back to the original scan ensuring a balance between accuracy and design intent.


 Scan Data CAD Model

In this case, the final model was re-engineered with ABS material to take advantage of 3D printing.  The original part was a multi-piece assembly composed of different vacuum-formed panels which were bonded together to complete the unit.  The new redesign is a single component that can be 3D printed in one piece on systems such as the INTAMSYS FUNMAT HT.





The use of the 3D scan and CAD design software significantly decrease the number of design cycles required to fabricate a new part.  In fact, the first iteration of the new design fit like a glove (pun intended). Secondly, the use of 3D printing for prototyping and production eliminates the need for expensive tooling.  Utilizing this direct digital manufacturing process also enables quick and cost-effective design changes on the product since there are no tooling costs to consider.



NeoMetrix Technologies, Inc. is a solutions-based company.  Many people are taken in by salespeople simply looking to make a sale – push more products.  NeoMetrix takes a completely different approach.

Firstly, they consult with the clients to determine what would be the ideal solution for them, be those services, equipment, software, or some combination thereof.
For equipment sales, they do a comprehensive review of the client’s application, then perform on-site or web-based demonstrations keyed to the client’s actual intended use.
Finally, they package a solution specifically tailored to each customer. 

They have developed many long-term relationships with companies such as Lockheed, NASA, Pratt Whitney and many more.



INTAMSYS 3D Printing All-in-One Solutions bear the ambition to make future lives fully customizable due to the infinity of possibilities the Additive Manufacturing Industry offers. Meeting the most demanding industrial standards, INTAMSYS 3D Printers are optimized for applications in industries as diverse as Automotive, Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Medical sector, Jigs & Fixtures, or even Education.


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